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Greedy Algorithms

AfterMath Gallery

New Zealand

June 30 - August 5, 2017


Curated by Ronan Whitteker


Greedy algorithms are primitive and naive. They do not look to the future and they do not care about the past. We decided to name the exhibition after this simple technique for machine learning due to its simplicity and to draw parallels between machines and humans.
For this show we have collected a variety of works from 19 New Zealand artists who work within and around the digital domain. All of the artists have shown a great propensity and willingness to be helpful, understanding, and generous with their time and works. We are absolutely thrilled to bring this show to life and it’s been an incredible opportunity to delve into the hidden corners of the New Zealand digital art community. 
The goals for the show are to be fun, stimulating, accessible and to bring to the forefront of our minds, the growing relationship that we have with the digital world. From the re-imagined spam messages of Maddy Plimmer’s works, to the ‘innate shapes’ of Ronan Whitteker, this exhibition spans the ethical continuum of digital and analog and represents the best and worst characteristics of both natural and artificial.
The algorithms are coming, and unless we teach them compassion, we may find out that they don’t care about us… perhaps we all have something to learn about ourselves from this new era.



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