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Terrifying Noble Splendid

Curated by Ari Lipkis and Chris Romero

TEMP Art Space

New York, USA

5 October – 2 November, 2013


Exhibition webpage

TEMP Art Space webpage

New York, NY - TEMP Art Space is pleased to present Terrifying Noble Splendid, a group exhibition that observes the intersection of the spiritual and technological. Utilizing pervasive forms of media, including digital archives, 3D animation and video games, the ten artists of this exhibition reimagine connotations of spirituality in today’s art.


Engaging with new media as a means for probing the spiritual in contrast to its often-cited predisposition to the utilitarian and rational, Terrifying Noble Splendid proposes deeper emotional considerations in art and technology. In approach of such large entities as spirituality and technology, the exhibition explores feelings of the sublime, the sensation of something larger than human comprehension. Immanuel Kant’s qualities of the sublime – the terrifying, noble, and splendid – serve as an entry point into where the spiritual and technological meet.


As Kant puts forth, “the sublime moves, whilst the beautiful charms.” The artworks of this exhibition are not meant to fully provide a sublime experience, but they do confront aspects of the feeling.


Featured artists:

Pippin Barr, Gregory Bennett, Erik Berglin and Clement Valla, Snow Yunxue Fu, Zach Gage, Yael Kanarek, Desiree Leary, Nick Yulman, Siebren Versteeg

Curated by Ari Lipkis and Chris Romero

New Zealand artist Gregory Bennett’s Omnipolis I observes group dynamics, humanity, and eternity. Using 3D animation Bennett presents an endlessly revolving tower surrounded in darkness and habituated by praying and wailing human-like automatons. The experience akin to Dante’s descent into Inferno.

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