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Wallace Digital

1st-30th October 2016
Gregory Bennett: Totem II (2010)

(5 min 40 secs, looped digital video, single screen).

Gregory Bennett’s digital prints and animations explore the ergonomics of the human body through the rhythms of movement and the idiosyncrasies of computer rendering. By keeping his work stripped back to the barest essentials, he not only presents a bustling study of bodily motion reminiscent of Eadward Muybridge’s early photographic studies or Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man, but also the quirky malfunctions that result from translating human ergonomics into computer programming.

Marching in tight formations only possible in the electronic realm, Bennett’s work resemble the kaleidoscopic-choreography of Busby Berkley’s Broadway spectacles. Slight shifts between each performer produces spiralling phasing patterns that visually mimic the way sound-waves also interact when slightly out of sync, a phenomenon often exploited by experimental composers.

Gregory is an artist and academic with special interests in 3D animation, digital media and animation theory. He exhibits both digital moving image and still image work and is currently a lecturer in Digital Media at AUT University. He has received numerous awards and grants for his work and has had exhibitions at Auckland Art Gallery, Artspace, Experimenta in Melbourne and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney where he was included in the major New Zealand survey Headlands. His work has also been screened at film festivals throughout New Zealand.

Text by Andrew Clifford (Curator)

Text from Two Rooms Gallery, Auckland (NZ) website.
For more on Gregory and his works please contact the gallery or visit;

This artwork is courtesy of The James Wallace Arts Trust Collection.

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